‘Amara’ is a word of Ethiopian origin meaning, ‘paradise.’ Black Amara is thus a journey into a black paradise where the two worlds of the authors meet. It is a unique place where seemingly different women connect at the point of ongoing self- actualization and navigation through a western-influenced African reality.

Black Amara includes a broad collection of poems, short stories, drawings, paintings and images. It is a melting pot of both of the author’s personal experiences and the life experiences of those that they have encountered throughout their journeys.

The book is not one single truth but a marriage of truths. It is not one voice but many voices in harmony. The pages are set to create an intimate space for the reader. It invites individuals to take part in the brave expressions that are kept safe in a diary that belongs to the different parts of everyone.

Black Amara is an ode to being human. It is a canvas that displays the diversity and multitude of the inner workings of African women. Similarly, it is a reminder to people that; what differentiates us also makes us alike.

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